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This website contains my personal insights and beliefs, from my experiences and understanding of the light energy. And the effects of how this light energy made my life the way that it is now. The answers to everything are all collected in one place, ... in you. You are the key to opening the possibilities that can be your future. What do you want? I will tell you what I have dreamed about. I will tell you about what I have had dropped into my thoughts seemingly from no-where. I will tell you of my near death experiences. And also of other times and events in my life that have lead me to see why I am here. It also helps me to understand my life, and life in general.

The things you are about to read here on my site, are expressed as best as I can describe. Yet even though I did my best to do so, it falls a little short of the exact representation of how it really was/is. There seems to be a lack of words and emotion(s) to fully explain it all.

Deep thoughts by Ron Landry. ;)Near Death Experiences (NDE)

I had six near death experiences between the ages of 12 and 20. All of these moments in my life were moments of terror. The thought of sure death was right there in front of me. All of the times this happened I did experience a near death experience. There is nothing like it in this world that I could compare it to. And really it's very hard to convey the experience in general, for lack of good enough words or explanation. The images, and vividly clear memories that were ran through my mind during those times, was overwhelming. The sheer speed of the amount of memories and images, as well as sounds, smells, emotions, and more, was astounding. And the fact that these memories and experiences, were felt and understood 100%. That means I re-lived basically what I consider 12-20 years of stored information in a few instances, some for more then a few instances, more like... 40 seconds, possible closer to a minute. Another thing that I noted for most of these NDE's was that I was actually moving during the experience. In a couple experiences I was actually fighting in water to save my life. (That is some of the most scariest experiences I could ever imagine having to go through.) I also noted that in most the experiences, I found myself at one moment, in a place of
bliss. Also, a un-natural (or at least to me) feeling of connection, a deep feeling of belonging-ness. It produced in me a very strong feeling to come back to the whole. It didn't necessarily try to trick me, or bribe me in anyway, it was more like it opened up a locked door that I have inside, and allowed me to see the whole picture. The picture that until that moment was not clear, or complete. And I never even knew it was there, or that there was more to life then just here, now.

I also realized that in my situation, and experiences, that I always experienced a life's review of sorts, prior to receiving this feeling of reconnection, and bliss. I think that if someone is not ready to go, and they experience a NDE, they will probably not die. And also on the other hand, if someone's life is not so good, and they are basically not happy in general, or haven't been for most of their life, then they will probably return to the light. As well, if the individual has a strong desire to continue their life again, after seeing a glimpse of the "whole picture", then they may go back.

I found myself changing my lifestyle, and mindset, after each experience. It gives you a different perspective on life in general. But as well it gives me a sense of comfort knowing that no matter what happens here, and with me, or even whenever. I will re-connect with something much more greater then I can imagine. (And I can imagine large, and vividly) I remember the feelings and sensations I experienced while being in the presence of the light. The light was immeasurable. It was so full of something more then light, more then energy. It was like compressed energy, so compressed, that a piece the size of a grain of sand could power the world for a day. (of course this is just a way to convey size comparisons in a easily understandable way.) And the light is speculatively trillions of a times larger then our little rock of a planet, Earth. Basically, to me, an endless supply of the strongest most potent raw energy. It appears to be frightful at first, and some may even be scared. But if you have an open mind, and are ready to see more, I believe the chance will come.

The memories are so vivid and replayed in such clarity, complete with sounds, smells, emotions and more. It's a virtual overload of emotions, a collection of hurt, pain, suffering, and guilt. As well as pleasures, desires, happiness, and love. It's amazing how it can be understood, felt, and re-lived, and all in just a few moments. The sad part is I am sure that this view of the after-life, as vivid and understandable as it is during the whole experience. Quickly starts to diminish in the minds memory, from the moment you decide to not go on, and come back to your life and body. Some people like myself seem to withhold more recollection of the experience, and retain knowledge it brings as well. While others can hardly recall much about their personal experience. I think some people may have had a NDE, and are not capable or remembering it too.

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE)

I've had many of these, probably more then I can count actually. One of the first that I remember was probably about the age of 10 or 11. To me, these particular ones were very real to me at the time. By that I mean I felt as if I was there, physically there in person. But I wasn't there in person, I was there as just a viewing point, and what appeared to be me, in a translucent body. This first experience was a remote placement of myself in a size that was so small that I felt my actual size was 1/8th of an inch tall. This may sound odd to you, but there was a reason for it I thought. I saw things happen while viewing from my new vantage point that I would not have seen from where I really was, which was in my bed, scared out of my mind, because my mother and new step-dad were arguing as they did a lot, driven by my step-dads daily drunken state. I was put to bed early, and the door closed to the bedroom, while all the fighting went on on the other side and in the kitchen area.

I saw them fight, and heard the words exchanged, I also saw the abuse and torture that went on. All the time they probably thought no one was watching. This didn't happen once, or even twice. It happened many times, maybe like 10-15 times, before mom and me left him. Each experience was alarmingly real, and in such clarity, I felt the sensations, of actually being there, the smells, the feel of the breeze as an object is thrown and just passes by me. It's hard to contemplate the scope of what I am saying, especially from a logical point of view. Believe me, I know, I am very logical minded most of the time.

There isn't many years that pass without an OBE for me since the days when I was ten. Some of the most recent OBE's that I've experienced have been ones that took me to a place so far away, through so much space, farther then the edges of the universe, or so it seemed. And I have been there a few times. The experience of getting there was one that not only was so very wonderful, and vast, but a little scary too. A sense of being alone, in a way that most people could not even attempt to understand the full capacity of how alone one can actually be. Nothing there nearby, no sounds, no material anything, no warmth, nothing. That alone is usually enough to make most people fearful, and want to return. I had that thought, but something drew me to continue anyway. A desire to see, a desire to refresh, a sense of returning to a place I'd been many times before. All the answers were there, anything and everything that you ever wanted to know. All the power, energy, and life anyone could ever want, it is there too. There is enough there for everyone to have as much as they want, and not even make a tiny dent in its overall capacity.


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